Spicery Hotel Onayade is located at 11/13 Onayade Street, Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos. The hotel is located in the heart of Yaba, where most of the transporters commuting passengers to various parts of the Countries are located. The hotel is opposite the popular ABC Transport. The hotel is provided with various amenities to ensure it is conducive for corporate, personal and family needs. The hotel has in place rooms of various categories to ensure its affordability to responsible individuals and corporate bodies. Each room in the hotel is provided with functional and health conscious furnishing and facilities. The hotel location is less than 30mins drive to both the international airport and local airport in Ikeja.

Facilities at the hotel include:

  • One mini conference/training rooms that can accommodate 10 people.
  • One banquet hall that can accommodate 150 people in banquet seating and about 250 people in theater seating.
  • Treated swimming pool, provided with facility for a mini-party that can accommodate up to about 15 people.
  • Health Room/Fitness Centre.
  • Well furnished Restaurant.
  • Car parking space.
  • Uninterrupted power supply.
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